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Meet the brothers and proud owners that are changing the coffee industry.

Vincenzo Ferraro
Owner – Chief Operating Officer

About: Vincenzo Ferraro

Vincenzo Ferraro is the Chief Operating Officer of DiCenzo Coffee company and oldest of the brothers. He was voted as Forbes entrepreneur of the year in 2021, as well as Italy’s most influential coffee producers in 2020. He comes from a long line of coffee producers, but it wasn’t until he took over the small family business that it turned in a world renowned brand. With the help of his brother Dominic, the duo has been unstoppable. Vincenzo is a graduate from Harvard Business School with his MBA, as well as his masters degree in marketing. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors, hiking, and camping with his wife and two children.

Vincenzo’s passion for coffee comes from the memories he made with his dad and his grandfather walking the coffee fields, picking coffee beans, and learning the art of processing and roasting coffee. His dream was to continue what his family built and continue to build the legacy for his children for years to come.

About: Dominic Ferraro

Dominic Ferraro is the head of agriculture and lead coffee guru of the operation. Dominic has been involved with the production and coffee process since he was fourteen years old. With his natural talent for producing, harvesting, and skillful roasting process he has pushed the companies expectations beyond their expectations. Alongside his brother he was voted as Forbes entrepreneur of the year in 2021 as well. His skill grew even further being the youngest to earn his doctorate in agriculture science at the age of 22, now at the age of 29 he retains the the title of “The Coffee Genius”. In his spare time he enjoys the spending time with his family, scuba diving, and surfing.

Like his brother his passion for coffee comes from the memories he made with his dad and his grandfather walking the coffee fields, picking coffee beans, and learning the art of processing and roasting coffee. His dream was to produce the perfect coffee blend, and has done so with his formula for “Perfetto”. Perfetto coffee blend has won best tasting coffee for 4 year’s straight.

Dr. Dominic Ferraro
Owner – Head of Agriculture


The Sustainable Coffee Challenge provides an unprecedented opportunity to join with others, share what we’re learning and ensure all coffee is sustainably sourced worldwide. DiCenzo Coffee is not only proud to be a member of the Challenge but is also highly energized by the incredible momentum to invest in lasting solutions for coffee communities.

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DiCenzo Coffee Company is committed to help end world hunger. Proceeds from our profit are donated to the World Food Program to make sure that no human goes without food.

Our Commitment to World Hunger

Ending global hunger is one the greatest challenges and opportunities of our time. DiCenzo Coffee Company is working to solve it through partnerships and innovation. Our model was born from an understanding that business as usual was not going to create the sustainable, long-term change needed to end chronic hunger and poverty. So, we forged a new approach.

DiCenzo Coffee Company brings together partners from across various sectors and the world governments to use each of our unique skills and insights in a targeted, coordinated way to help countries that are ripe for transformation change the way their food systems work.

As the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative, DiCenzo Coffee Company works to give families and communities in some of the world’s poorest countries the freedom and opportunity to lift themselves out of food insecurity and malnutrition. By equipping people with the knowledge and tools they need to feed themselves, we are addressing the root causes of poverty and hunger, helping people end their reliance on aid, and creating important opportunities for a new generation of young people—all while building a more stable world.

At DiCenzo Coffee Company we encourage and fully promote volunteering within our company. For each hour our employees volunteer to work at food kitchens, food pantries, and collecting goods our company matches their contribution


2022 Employee Set Volunteer Hour Goal

Each year our employees set a goal for volunteering hours to various food events, some even travel to other countries. For the year 2022, they set a goal of 10,000 volunteering hours. In 2021, the had set a goal of 8,500 hours, they actually completed a total 9,569 hours.

4,600 hours of the 10,000 goal have been met.