Vincenzo and Dominic Ferraro
Brothers and Owners

We are passionate about coffee

We are dedicated to providing you with the best organic coffee for your enjoyment. Our commitment comes from our vision of using ethical sourced and sustainable coffee from different regions in the world.

Almost every major coffee-producing region of the world is under stress. Warming temperatures, drought and changing weather patterns are affecting coffee production and the livelihoods of coffee farmers. Across the globe, companies, governments and organizations are working to address these issues in tangible, meaningful ways. We are doing our part to continue production while doing our part to make coffee more sustainable for years to come.

Premium Organic Coffee Beans

Our premium organic coffee beans are the grown and picked at the perfect time to ensure the best cup of coffee. We guarantee freshness in every bag.

High Quality Espresso Machines

Our espresso machines are made from the finest materials and engineered to last for years to come. High quality coffee beans deserves quality machines.

Premium Moka Pots

Our moka pots are designed to last for years, we ensure the highest attention to detail along the entire manufacturing process, quality control and inspection of each pot.

Exclusively from organic farming

The ORGANIC certification ensures compliance of the manufacturing processes with the specific requirements for processing raw materials of organic origin.

Become a Retailer

Passion, determination, commitment, and honesty: these are the principles that have nourished the spirit of DiCenzo for generations. It is also what we seek in anyone who wants to work with us, because working with DiCenzo Coffee Company means being part of a family that shares the same values.

Find a Retailer Near You

Use our retailer locator to quickly and easily find where to purchase or taste our delicious organic coffee and products. While every store here carries DiCenzo Coffee products, your nearest store or restaurant may not have all of our products. Enter your location to find a local retailer near you.


The Sustainable Coffee Challenge provides an unprecedented opportunity to join with others, share what we’re learning and ensure all coffee is sustainably sourced worldwide. DiCenzo Coffee is not only proud to be a member of the Challenge but is also highly energized by the incredible momentum to invest in lasting solutions for coffee communities.